Silver Interior & Exterior Plus

A more detailed variation of the bronze car valeting service with the interior being cleaned and freshened up as well.

Our Silver Valeting Services take approximately 3 hours  / 4 hours to complete. This time will vary if you would like any “Valeting Extras” (listed in description).

What’s included:

  • Citrus Pre Wash
  • Snow Foam Pre Wash
  • 2 Bucket Safe Wash
  • Wheels Washed
  • Liquid Wax Applied
  • Microfibre Towel Dry
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Glossy Sealant Applied
  • Doors Shuts & Sills Degreased
  • Interior Carpets, Mats & Seats Vacuumed
  • Interior & Exterior Windows Polished

Please note that a £10 premium will be added for 4×4 vehicles

For more information on availability, contact us here!



PLEASE NOTE: If you would like any of the listed Valet Extras below, please enquire when we call to discuss your booking!

Ceramic Infused (Selectable at point of  purchase)
Ceramic infused valets use specially formulated products that replace certain products in the basic valet.
These products are the Shampoo, spray light wax
& glossy sealant. These products are replaced with a ceramic infused shampoo, spray wax
and ultra wax. These products have amazing hydrophobicity and last for up to 3 months,
protecting the paintwork against bird lime and general road contaminants.

Clay Bar – £20
A clay bar treatment sounds bizarre but it is actually a special type of clay
which when used on a lubricated paint surface with lift off deeply embedded dirt and grime
from the paintwork which is hard to see but can be felt. This treatment will revive the
paintwork and bring back its colour zing and deep glossiness.

Cherry Glaze Polish – £20
Cherry Glaze is a 3 in 1 product which will polish, restore &
protect the paintwork leaving a outstanding finish. Unlike other polish products this doesn’t
leave nasty white marks on rubber and plastic surfaces so its safe on all parts of the car and
does an excellent job.

‘Carbanuba’ Wet Wax – £20
Carbanuba wax contains Carnauba wax as well as luxurious
Montane wax alongside microcrystalinewax which together leave a very glossy and protected
paint surface for unto 4 weeks.

‘Whe’elxebub’ – £20
Whe’elzebub’ wheel wax will protect your wheels from brake dust build
leaving them looking better for longer.

Gtechniq Smart Fabric – £25
Gtechniq smart fabric is a solvent based spray which will
protect any fabric item from liquid spills for upto 12 months. This product is ideal for cloth
seats, floor mats, carpets and convertible roofs. The £25 price is per litre which is the amount
required for a soft top roof, seats, carpets and floor mats may require more product so please
enquire beforehand to get the price for your vehicle.

Cloth Seat Cleaning – £25
(Depending on number of seats) – Cloth seat cleaning uses a wet
vac and brushes to clean stains from cloth seats. We use a special cloth cleaner designed
for automotive seats along with an extraction unit to remove the dirt embedded in the seats.
A great partner to this option is the Smart Fabric treatment, which will protect the seats from
further staining.

Leather Seat Cleanse and Protect – £25*
(**Depending on number of seats) Leather seats are
great as they wipe clean, but they can get very grubby from clothes and general use. The
cleanse and protect option is a specially formulated leather cleaner is used to clean the seats
and then a cream is applied replacing the oils back into the leather making them look and
feel like new. (This option will not repair the seats from tears, scuffs or colour fade)

Additional information

Vehicle Type

Standard, 4X4

Ceramic Infused Option

No, Yes


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