Our Valet Process & Extras

Numerous clientele, from large businesses to everyday people, utilise us across Essex for our premium valet services. Equipped with specialised equipment and materials, we get to work to give your vehicle the greatest shine possible. Using deionised water, we ensure that no watermarks remain on your car after it has been washed.

Every day, we work with a variety of vehicles and can clean anything, regardless of its size or worth. Our large following of loyal clients rely on us to provide the best wash for their highly valued automobiles

Below you will find a full breakdown of our Valet Processes and any “Extras” on offer!

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Ceramic Infused Car Valet

This Ceramic infused valet uses products designed by industry leaders Autobrite Direct.

The Ceramic shield products include:
Ceramic Infused shampoo which combines effective cleaning agents with ceramic polymers that bond to the vehicle surface, giving dramatic slickness, gloss, colour brightness and hydrophobic effect, whilst adding a layer of protection to the car.

Ceramic Magiseal which is a foam lance applied product adding a durable layer of protection and hydrophobicity.

Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax which will be applied to all exterior parts of the car except the glass, it provides a slick glossy feel, incredible water behaviour and a deep wet look shine

All these products combined and applied using the correct methods will give your vehicle’s exterior super high gloss, extreme hydrophobicity with 2+ months of ceramic infused protection.

To add this to your service, make us aware when booking!
(This service is £15 extra)

Basic Valet Components

  • Citrus Wash – Citrus Wash is a safe non-acidic TFR (Traffic Film Remover) This product is sprayed onto each panel of the car and left for a while for it to soak into the dirt. It breaks down the dirt and grime on contact, allowing it to be removed safely from the paintwork using a pressure washer
  • Snow Foam – Snow foam is the second pre wash stage after Citrus wash. This is a thick blanket of foam which is sprayed on the vehicle, making it look like snow. As with Citrus wash, the foam breaks down any dirt or grim left after the Citrus wash and is washed away using a pressure washer. The above 2 Pre Wash stages are designed to remove most of the dirt on the paintwork of the car, which allows the car to be hand washed and greatly reducing the risk of paint marring or swirl marks on the paintwork.
  • 2 Bucket System – The 2 bucket system comes in on the hand wash part of the clean, where we have a rinse and wash bucket. We fill the wash bucket with soapy water and the rinse bucket with plain water. Both buckets have a grit guard at the bottom which catches any bits of dirt and grit and keeps them at the bottom of the bucket so that they will not get back on the wash mitt and in turn back onto the vehicle, scratching the paintwork. First, you clean the wash mitt in the rinse bucket, squeezing out the remaining water before dipping it into the wash bucket and washing a panel. The wash mitt has two sides and one side of the mitt will do one panel before the mitt needs to be put in the rinse bucket to remove the dirt and grim and repeat the process until the car is washed.
  • Spray Light Wax – This product is applied to the vehicle in the same manner as the snow foam product. It is administered to the entire vehicle and then rinsed off. The effect it to add a lot of gloss and a layer of wax to the paintwork, which can last up to 4 weeks.
  • De-ionised water – De-ionised water is also known as pure water, it has gone through a reverse osmosis process to remove all contaminants and minerals from normal tap water leaving it as pure water. Using this on the final rinse allows water to dry on the vehicle without leaving those unsightly watermarks, so if there is any water left in the crevices of the car when you drive away, they won’t mark the vehicle.

  • Drying – There are 2 ways to dry the vehicle, first is using a plush drying towel which is soft and soaks up a lot of water. This reduces the risk of scratching the paintwork, unlike using a leather or a plastic water blade. The second drying method is to use a hot air blower, which is like a large hairdryer, blowing the water off the car. This method is time-consuming, but it does have a few advantages. Using the hot air blower eliminates the risk of scratches from a drying towel as you’re not actually touching the car, also you can blow the water out of all the little nooks and crannies where water likes to sit until you have finished, and it decides to run down a clean dry panel, like from the mirrors or the light clusters.

  • Glossy Sealant – All valets are finished off with a gloomy sealant, unless you have opted for another type of sealant or wax. The glossy sealant provides a layer of protection to the paintwork from things like bird lime, tree sap and other daily road contaminants. It also improves the gloss and colour richness of the paint, leaving a beautiful finish on the car.

Please Note* £10 Premium Added for Soft Top Convertibles
(Special Fabric Cleaners are used on Roof)

Valet “Extras”

Cherry Glaze Polish – From £30 

Cherry Glaze is a 3-in-1 product which will polish, restore & protect the paintwork, leaving an outstanding finish. Unlike other polish products, this doesn’t leave nasty white marks on rubber and plastic surfaces, so it’s safe on all parts of the car and does an excellent job!

Hellshine Abyss – From £45 

Intensely coloured, Hellshine Abyss is a synthetic paint sealant for vehicles and motorcycles. It polishes your paintwork to a rich, glossy shine and revives your plastic trim. The Abyss offers up to 9 months of protection with only one application.

Exhaust Polish – From £15 

Your exhaust will be cleaned up with a chrome polish using various tools to bring back its natural shine. 

Gtechniq Smart Fabric – From £35 

Gtechniq Smart Fabric is an amazing product for fabric, it can be used internally on seats, carpets and mats. It can also be used on a convertible roof too. Price depends on the application. 

Leather Seat Clean & Refresh – From £35 

A high quality leather cleaner is used to bring the seats back to their original colour. The refresh product replaces lost oils back into the leather to protect them for longer. 

Cloth Seat Cleaning – From £50 

Specialist cleaners are used with brushes to go deep into the cloth, extraction methods are used to remove as much dirt as possible and any leftover cleaners and water. 


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    All of the products we use have been tried and tested and are of premium quality, this ensures that every car we valet has a quality service and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with any part of the service then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do everything we can to rectify the issue.