The works

All aspects of the car taken care of including seats and carpets being cleaned and freshened up

Our Ultimate Valeting Services take approximately 5 hours / 6 hours to complete.

What’s included:

  • Pure Water Rinse
  • Citrus wash Pre wash
  • Wheel clean and decontamination
  • Under wheel arches cleaned
  • ‘Magifoam’ Snow foam pre wash
  • Safe 2 bucket wash using pure lambs wool mitt
  • Clay Bar Treatment to remove embedded Dirt
  • ‘Top Gloss’ Drying aid including light wax coating
  • Dried using plush microfibre towels
  • Door shuts and sills de-greased and dressed
  • All external glass cleaned and coated with water repellant
  • ‘Cherry Glaze’  polish applied to external paintwork
  • ‘Carbanuba’ wet wax applied to external paintwork
  • ‘Seal & Protect’ paint sealant applied to protect against bird lime and other daily contaminants
  • ‘Whe’elzebub’ Wheel Sealant applied to wheels
  • Floor mats and seats vacuumed
  • All internal glass and mirrors cleaned
  • Interior trim and plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Boot space cleaned and vacuumed
  • All rubbish removed

Please note that a £10 premium will be added for 4×4 vehicles

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